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8th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Equations and Inequalities - CCSS 8.F.A.1, 8.F.A.2, 8.F.A.3, 8.F.B.4, 8.F.B.5

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Algebra vs The Cockroaches - Determine the slope of the line that cockroaches are crawling along to destroy them.
  2. Equation of a line: Slope Intercept Form - Adjust the sliders at the site. They control the slope (m) and the intercept (b) of the line. The equation and the line will change accordingly. You can also drag the origin.
  3. Inequalities Workout - Type the correct expression for each question. If you have trouble, go to step 2 and review.
  4. Linear Equation Test - Can you work out the answers? Use the multiple choice boxes or the radio buttons to select your answer.
  5. Linear function and Graph - Determine the relation between the function and graph. Move your cursor over the green block to see lesson 1 or lesson 2.
  6. Linear Function - Try to guess the output for each equation given.
  7. Linear Functions and Equations: Slope-Intercept Form - An interactive applet that will help you visualize how changing the values for the slope, m, and the y-intercept, b, will affect the graph of the equation y = mx + b.
  8. One Variable Linear Equations - for practicing solving linear equations in one variable. Drag and place the like terms together and click on sign to join the like terms. Click on the terms that can be simplified and enter the simplified value. Multiply/divide the equation to get the result
  9. Pan Balance Shapes - Use an interactive balance to investigate the concept of balancing equations.
  10. Practice from Math.com: The coordinate plane, Slope and y-intercept, and Graphing linear equations.
  11. Solve Equations - Use the balance-strategy to solve equations. Twenty are available or you can write your own.
  12. Spy Guys Interactive - Balancing Equations - Watch the video and respond at various places Lesson 11. A video is available through this link
  13. Teacher Dodgeball - Each blank of the equation stands for a number on a teacher. Hit the teacher with the number that goes next in the equation by clicking on them.

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