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4th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Data Analysis and Graphs

Links verified on 8/4/09

  1. Data Pick - Ask questions, collect data, tally and then select graph to depict data.
  2. Create a Graph - Five types of graphs can be made here; bar, line, area, pie or x-y.
  3. Mode, Mean, Median - This is an interactive lesson followed by activities. (UK measurements)
  4. Reading a Grid - Find Hurkle behind the grid. - (type X and Y axis numbers to find him)
  5. Reading a Grid - Planet Hop; find the points on the grid where different planets are.
  6. What's the Point? - Find the ordered pair on a grid.
  7. Pie Chart - Students view pie charts (parameters: number of sectors, size of sector as a percent)
  8. Circle Graph - Enter data categories and the value of each category to create a circle graph. (similar to "Pie Chart" but the user can define the data set)
  9. Bar Graph - Enter data to create a bar graph, then manipulate the graph's maximum and minimum values.
  10. Patterns for Solid Figures - Complete the pattern to make a cube figure.
  11. Understanding Graphs - Use this online interactive lesson to learn how to read a graph.

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