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1st Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Contractions - CCSS L.1.2

Links verified on 6/3/15

  1. Contraction Memory Game - Flip the cards over to find the word group and contraction that match.
  2. Contraction Practice - Interactive contraction practice.
  3. Contractions - Type the contraction beside the two words.
  4. Contractions - Treasure Trove - Find the correct contraction to fit with the treasure chest.
  5. Contractions - Select your target contraction and then play the games!
  6. Contractions - Quia Quiz, Match contractions.
  7. Fill It In - Type the contracted form of the words shown to fill in the box.
  8. Fly By Contraction Practice - Find the correct airplane to match with the contraction. - click Go each time to get a new question
  9. The "Un-Contraction" Game - Type the uncontracted form of the contraction shown.
  10. Type the Contraction - Type the contraction form of words.
  11. Which One? - Choose the correct displayed contraction.

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