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Kindergarten Interactive Math Skill Builders


Beginning Money - K.MD.A.1

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  1. Exercises and Games with AudioThis resource includes voice instructions for students
    1. Coin Combo Game - Click on the falling coins to make the money amount. You can use any combination of the coins to make the money amount.
    2. Coin Names: Penny through Quarter - Interactive quiz naming coins.
    3. Coin Values: Penny through Quarter - Interactive quiz identifying coin value.
    4. Discovering Coin Values - Drag the coins and drop them into the cup so that they equal the amount provided.
    5. Money Coins - Interactive game identifying coins, counting by 2,5, and 10s, show equal amounts.
    6. Peter Pig's Money Counter - Choose your level. Sort the coins into the jars and watch the money grow in your bank.
    7. Starfish Theater - Click the coins needed to make the money amount shown and then click the clam.
  2. Exercises and Games without Audio
    1. Cents of Color - Interactive coloring page from the U S Mint. Students can select from many state quarters.
    2. Coin Memory Game - Concentration style coin matching game.
    3. Coins for Candy - Identify, know the value of, and compare the values of a penny, nickel, and dime. Lesson is available in text only and text with audio format.
    4. Count On It - Buy objects for the amount shown by counting out the correct change.
    5. Count Pennies - Value of coins.
    6. Count Pennies and Nickels - Value of coins.
    7. Count Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes - Value of coins.
    8. Counting with Money - Choose the answer that best fits the amount of money you have in your pile.
    9. Let's Compare - Type the amount and then compare the two amounts.
    10. Money to Build a Robot - Find the number of pennies, dimes, nickels or quarters in the bag.
    11. Which is More - Interactive quiz comparing two groups of coins.

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