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Kindergarten Language Arts Skill Builders


Beginning Letter Recognition - CCSS RF.K.3.a

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  1. Exercises and Games with Audio This resource includes voice instructions for students
    1. ABC Mommy and Me - From Lil' Fingers Storybook. Click on the letters to make them talk.
    2. ABC Order - Determine what letter comes next.
    3. Alphabet Action - Click a letter to hear its name and see a picture.
    4. Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Practice - Click on a letter to see it in uppercase and lowercase and to hear how it sounds.
    5. Alphabet Bang - Hit a key on the keyboard and hear the letter names.
    6. Alphabet Match: Kangaroo Confusion - Match capital to small letter. Find the Mommy (or Daddy) Kangaroo for each joey.
    7. Big Bird's Letters - Press a letter key to see and hear that letter.
    8. Chicka Chicka Boom - Learn the alphabet and sing along.
    9. Find the letter - Audio provided; Rabbit names a letter for student to click on; feedback given for wrong response.
    10. Keyboard-O-Rama - Type a letter on the keyboard and hear a word that starts with that letter.
    11. Letter Blaster - An interactive educational game that can be used as an Assessment Tool to follow a child's progress in Letter Recognition.
    12. Letterella - Meet the letters of the alphabet. Listen as Letterella sings each letter and pronounces each phoneme in words beginning with the letter.
    13. The Literacy Center - A great site for pre-K to first grade. Activities with colors, numbers, letters, shapes and words. Site translated in Spanish, Dutch, French and English. Also has a typing component in the Keyboard Section.
  2. Exercises and Games without Audio
    1. ABC Match-Up - Click on the buttons and match the letters to reveal the image. Match all the letters to win!
    2. Nursery Tutor - Click on letters and set a time. Flash cards on line!
    3. The ABC Game - Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page. This game has 10 questions.

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