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4th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Author's Purpose - CCSS RL.4.1, RI.4.1

Links verified on 12/28/2015

  1. Author's Point of View - Read the stories and determine the author's purpose.
  2. Author's Purpose - Read each paragraph and decide the author's purpose.
  3. Author's Purpose: Battleship - Answer the questions correctly and try to sink your opponent's ship.
  4. Author's Purpose in a Paragraph - Read each paragraph and answer the questions on the purpose.
  5. Author's Write for a Purpose - Read each passage and determine what the author's purpose was for writing the passage.
  6. Determine the Author's Purpose - A variety of activities designed to help you determine the author's purpose. Follow the directions on each screen and complete the activities.
  7. Identify the Purpose - Identify the author's purpose in each piece.
  8. Inform/Entertain/Persuade - Choose the purpose for each question: to inform, to entertain or to persuade. Self checking quiz.
  9. Types of text - [Skillwise quiz] Entry 3 quiz
  10. Types of text - [Skillwise quiz] Level 1 quiz
  11. Types of Text Game - [Skillwise game] Can you spot the text types?
  12. Writing to Evaluate - What is being evaluated in each paragraph? After reviewing the lesson, click on "Want to play a game" to play a matching game.

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