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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Algebra Functions - CCSS 6.NS.B.3

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Algebraic Reasoning Using Weighing Scales - Find the value of a given object based on information provided on the scales. [Levels 1 and 2 contain two scales. Level 3 is more difficult and has three scales.]
  2. Algebra vs The Cockroaches - Determine the slope of the line that the cockroaches are crawling along to destroy them.
  3. Explore Families of Functions - Explore how changing constants affects the graph of the corresponding function.
  4. Families of Functions - Match the description with the correct arrangement of items on the graph.
  5. Function Machine - Investigate very simple functions by trying to guess the algebraic form from inputs and outputs.
  6. Linear Function Machine - Investigate linear functions by trying to guess the slope and intercept from inputs and outputs.
  7. Multiple-Choice Questions - Twenty questions on Patterns & Functions.
  8. Mystery Operations - In this activity the computer makes up a mystery operation, and you have to figure out what the operation is. You give the computer two numbers to calculate, and it tells you the answer.
  9. Number Cruncher - Explore simple linear functions. The function is determined by looking for patterns in the outputs and exactly one output to an input or list of inputs can be called a function.
  10. Positive Linear Function Machine - Investigate linear functions with positive slopes by trying to guess the slope and intercept from inputs and outputs.
  11. Spy Guys Interactive - Balancing Equations - Watch the video and respond at various places Lesson 11. This video includes sections which ask students to inpur responses
  12. Whole Number Cruncher - Generates multiplication and addition functions to avoid outputting any negative numbers.

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