An Internet based lesson

A lesson built around a single Internet Site

Subject: Information Management Systems
Grade level(s): 11th and 12th
Lesson Title: Looking Good in Print
Internet Site Title: Job Outlook
Internet Site URL: http://www.jobweb.com/Resumes_Interviews/resume_guide/default.htm
Author: Diane Bennett

Site Description:  The purpose of this web site is to discover details about how to write a resume that will be an effective tool in your search for employability.  The site discusses what a resume is, details to consider when preparing a resume, action or power words used in a resume to make a good impression on your reader, an example of a sample resume, and what employers look for in analyzing resumes and considering applicants. Along the left-hand side of the site, you will find other links that will deal with other career issues. 

Site Purpose: The purpose of this site is to give you direction and guidance in being able to understand resumes that make a difference in your ability to sell yourself.  Looking good in print is highlighting and emphasizing the skills you have developed and convincing an employer you are the person who can positively make a difference.

Lesson Introduction:  You will work individually to review this site but should have a partner to help you as you work through the steps in developing your resume.  Your partner should critically review your resume after you complete it for spelling, grammar, construction, and effectiveness. 

Lesson Description: Your instructions are to use the links on this site to study resumes and their purpose and understand the parts.  The examples on this site are directed to a more seasoned employee so you may want to search the Internet to find examples of high school student resume examples to get a better picture of what a resume looks like for your skill level.  Use the example notebook that is available in our classroom to also assist you.  Your resume must include the essential parts as described at this site.

Final Product or Task:  You will then use open Word and choose File/New.  This will bring up a dialog box from which you will choose Other Documents.  Choose the Resume Wizard option to begin your own document in Word or simply start from scratch and format your own document without the use of a wizard.  Follow the parts of the resume you found at this site to develop your own format paying careful attention to the order of the parts of your resume and action words used.  Your goal is to create an error-free, inspiring resume you can use.  Your resume should be a maximum of one page with references typed and attractively placed on a second page in case your interviewer requests them or you may include them on the one page if you have room.  Be sure to include all education, work experience and school activities which will enhance your resume.

Conclusion:  This will be the basis for continuing our study of resumes in electronic form.  Next, you will prepare a multimedia version of your resume to include links to work samples, voice links, digital pictures of teamwork, etc. 

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