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Use this log to report completion of Introduction to PowerPoint
located at:
 Before starting the module, print this log.

Name the state that you selected for your PowerPoint slide show. Choose any state except Tennessee.

List the three outstanding features of the state that you have chosen.

You have selected a design but decide that you want a different one. Explain how to change to a different slide design.

Explain two ways to add a new slide to a PowerPoint slide show.

Explain exactly what part of the text box to click on to use the four-arrow, move cursor.

Explain what must be done to text before you can change font, style, or color.

Describe how to select a text color other than the block of color under the text color button.

Describe two ways to insert an image onto a PowerPoint slide.

Explain how to move an image on a PowerPoint slide.

You want to insert an image that is not in the clip art file. Explain how to do that.

What view must you be working in to edit text, images, or colors on the slide.

Give three reasons why the slide sorter view is so useful.

Where in the Slide Show menu do you find "Loop continuously...?"

What is the six by six rule?

What's wrong with "bells and whistles" in a PowerPoint show?

Explain how you know what a transition will look like.

What is the recommendation for sounds accompanying transitions?

You want to view your slide show, but you want to start from slide three, not slide one. Explain how to do that.

You want your slide show to run automatically, but have no idea how much time should be allocated to each slide. Explain how to do that easily.

Print your six-slide state show. Choose either three slides or six slides on a page, do not print one slide per page. Save your color ink, print in black and white. Include your printed slide show with this log and your skill survey.

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