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Autism Awareness Month, 
National School Library Month, 
World Health Day, 
Paul Revere's Ride, 
Earth Day, 
Hubble Telescope Launched

April 2020
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Greetings. Thanks so much for using Internet4Classrooms with your students and children. Our mission is to help you find the best educational online resources available to meet your individual needs. Our monthly newsletter focuses on sharing information, tips, and ideas on everything related to schooling inside the classroom and at home. Each month we will feature resources and information on a variety of topics. We are constantly updating information on our site and urge you to visit often.


Keep in Touch
If you need help, please email us. We answer questions about almost any subject matter/grade level.  We feel that this is a very important part of Internet4Classrooms. Internet4Classrooms is maintained and built for educators, parents, and students and this site is yours.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Don't be afraid to email and ask.


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 This Month's Blog

This month's blog is   Education at Home: 8 Tips for Success as a "Reluctant Homeschool Administrator" During Covid-19 . Are you a "Reluctant Homeschool Administrator"?

The new "shelter in place" paradigm is hard on everyone - especially children. Routines have been completely disrupted; discipline and social structure turned upside down; uncertainty looms and so many questions remain unanswered.

Distance learning sounds like a great solution, but it's not easy and fraught with a lack of accountability. Everyone's hoping it will work, but thoughts keep returning of a school year ending with zero or negative outcomes for a large number of children and families...

Even with successful distance learning - who knew you'd essentially be reduced to homeschooling your kids and on the front line as the primary responsible adult for accountability of outcomes. You are now... a "Reluctant Homeschool Administrator."

Have faith: The greatest opportunities are born out of adversity. You and your kids can wind up far, far ahead on the other side of this. You just need a bit of hope and the start of a plan. Once you get things moving, there will be progress and a feeling of purpose. Once things get moving, you can adjust and optimize. Things will get better quickly instead of those current feelings that collapse is imminent.

These 8 Tips will help you get started towards a better outcome as a "Reluctant Homeschool Administrator."

Guest Blogger Bill Franklin, the CEO of Internet4Classrooms, is our guest blogger this month. He has been on the faculty at The George University, has years of platform instructional experience, was a career Army Special Operations officer and also has over a decade of experience as a youth sports coach.

  Things To Celebrate This Month
April brings Autism Awareness Month, National School Library Month, World Health Day, Passover, Easter, Earth Day, and much more. You never know what wonderful resources you can find to enrich your classroom experience. Let's get started:

Autism Awareness Month
I4C has an Autism Spectrum Disorder page where you can find information and websites. Visit our Autism classroom tools as well as our Autism parent resources. We also have an entire area dedicated to exceptional children, including ADHD, assistive technology, learning disorders, and more.


National School Library Month
Explore our extensive section of Library Resources. Find librarian resources, physical libraries, virtual libraries, presidential libraries, and museums.


World Health Day (4/7)
Obesity numbers are rising and controversial food additives continue to cause harm. Reinforce good habits using our Health resources page, discussing everything from breakfast basics and food pyramids to daily hygiene, drug and alcohol abuse, and heart health. We also have links to physical education and nutrition and wellness too.


Passover Begins (4/8)
Celebrate Passover while learning about this holiday's traditions. Explore these Passover activities and games.


Easter (4/12)
Happy Easter. Celebrate this holiday with I4C's Easter resource page, filled with tons of fun crafts and projects.


Paul Revere Rides and Revolutionary War Begins (4/18-19/1775)
The famous Longfellow Poem reminds us all of Paul Revere's Ride. Learn about that midnight ride, what it meant, and even see the route he took. Explore the conflicts that led up to the Revolutionary War. Find timelines, lesson plans, and interactives all explaining the cause and effects of the American Revolution.


Earth Day (4/22)
Honor the earth today. Check out our Earth Day page for fun activities, crafts, projects, and lesson plans. We also have Earth Science resources for you to use in your classroom.


Hubble Telescope launched (4/25/1990)
Learn about what the Hubble Telescope has discovered, view beautiful pictures of the cosmos, and find out how the telescope works. Find Hubble Telescope educational resources here. Explore our Space page for elementary school to find fun activities and check out our Astronomy pages to learn about our solar system, stars, and our universe.


New - Online Practice

Internet4Classrooms now offers Online Practice Tests and Interactives, covering Kindergarten to Sixth Grade Common Core Mathematics. Look for a rapidly growing variety of thousands of practice quizzes tied to the Common Core State Standards, School Subjects, Activities, and Holidays. 

Check out our Online Practice Quizzes More grades and subjects coming soon.

New Online Practice Quizzes Made Available in AUGUST

We have released many new online quizzes during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

Try them out, and then use them with your students as:

  • Bell Ringers,
  • In Class Assignments,
  • Homework or
  • Extra Credit.

Here is a list of the newest quizzes by grade.

 New - Printables

Internet4Classrooms now offers printables, covering Kindergarten to Sixth Grade Mathematics. Look for a rapidly growing variety of thousands of practice worksheets tied to the Common Core State Standards, School Subjects, Activities, and Holidays. 

Check out our Common Core Mathematics Printables. More grades and subjects coming soon.

New Printables Worksheets Made Available in AUGUST

We have released thousands of new printables worksheets during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

Try them out, and then use them with your students as:

  • Bell Ringers,
  • In Class Assignments,
  • Homework or
  • Extra Credit.

Here is a list of the newest worksheet sets by grade:

New - Answer Keys

New Worksheet Answer Keys Made Available in AUGUST

We have released thousands of new answer keys for our printables worksheets during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

Remember that you can sign up for answer key access here:

Here is a list of the newest answer key sets by grade:

  App Of The Month
Every month we are going to feature a different iPad/iPod/iPhone educational application. Visit our ever-changing app page. (

The App of the Month for April is Stop Motion Studio By Cateater, LLC ( iOS / Android ).

Get Stop Motion Studio, the world's easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking today!


As seen on Apple's TV commercial "Life on iPad."

Stop Motion Studio: Check out the buzz...

"Stop-motion animation is a great way to bring toys and other objects to life - and learn the basics of filmmaking."

The New York Times

"Stop Motion Studio makes it easy to create your own stop-motion movies."

The Washington Post

"All you need is an iPhone or iPad, a tripod, the right software, and a bit of creativity."


"Stop Motion Studio Brings Out the LEGO Moviemaking Geek in All of Us."



With it's easy to use interface Stop Motion Studio lets you create beautiful movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube.

It's simple to use, deceptively powerful and insanely fun to play with.

Stop Motion Studio is a powerful, full-featured movie editor with a whole host of features:

  • A simplistic, easy-to-use interface

  • Overlay mode showing the differences between frames

  • Animation guides to position animated objects more easily

  • Copy, paste, cut, and insert frames at any position

  • Interactive timeline so you never get lost, even if you have hundreds of frames

Create beautiful movies:

  • Choose from a whole lot of unique titles, credits, and text cards or create your very own with the built-in editor

  • Give your movie the perfect look with different video filters

  • Enhance your movie with different foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios, and fade effects

  • Create a soundtrack using built-in music, sound effects, songs from your music library, or your narration

  • Rotoscoping: Import video clips and create stunning animations by drawing over it.

  • Green Screen: Change the background of your scene to make the figures you capture fly or appear anywhere you can imagine.

  • Connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly

Capture like a pro:

  • Capture with an adjustable time interval feature

  • Full camera control with automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure, ISO and shutter speed

  • Use a second device as a remote camera

  • Use your Apple Watch as a remote shutter release

  • Use with your Wifi-enabled DSLR camera**

Powerful, built-in layer-based image editor:

  • Add text and speech bubbles or create titles

  • Add facial expressions to LEGO® figures

  • Touch up and enhance images, sketch, and paint

  • Wipe away unwanted objects with the eraser tool

  • Merge frames to simulate fast movement

Share with friends and family:

  • Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p

  • Save as iMessage sticker or animated GIF

  • Save all images for further processing

  • Easily transfer projects between devices using AirDrop, Dropbox or iCloud

  • Start creating on your mobile device and continue right where you left off on your Mac

  • Publish movies on Stop Motion TV for everyone to see

Stop Motion Studio is available for Apple and Android devices. Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android version 5.0 and up on your Android device.


  Focus On:  Teacher Resources
Internet4Classrooms offers a wide variety of informative online resources, tips, tools, and tutorials regarding your classroom needs. There is always something you can utilize with your students. Each month we'll feature a few links to useful topics.  
Many historical events happened this month which you can cover in your classroom. Check out I4C's History page for lesson plans, videos, activities, and other resources to supplement your lessons.

Get all of your assessment assistance needs here sorted by grade and subject.


 Need online interactive games and activities to reinforce the day's lessons? We have it.Kids can practice in the computer labs and at home.


School may be in full swing but teachers still need  organizational help, worksheet ideas, bulletin board inspiration, and lesson plans throughout the year. Our Teacher tools page has it all.


April is Autism Awareness Month, and we know it's becoming more recognized in our children and classrooms. Browse our Autism Classroom resources as well as parent guides. Our Exceptional Children area also combines teacher tools for ADHD, Dyslexia, Gifted, and other learning and behavior disorders.


Why was there a Midnight Ride? Watch this great video of how kids describe Paul Revere and the Longfellow Poem "Paul Revere's Ride."


This Earth Day, find fun activities, projects, and lesson plans you can use on our Earth Day resource page. We also have great Earth Science resources for you to use in your classroom.



We now have answer guides for our Common Core Math PrintablesRequest teacher access here.


Remember to visit our Teacher Tools section. This homepage contains all the topics you may need to use during the school year.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old pro, it's easy to get "lost" in everything I4C has to offer. We have subject help by grade level on almost all school topics. Don't forget to click and explore when you are looking for teacher resources. Here are a few main topics to get you started.
Don't Forget: Online Practice for ACT Test and SAT Test Resources.  I4C now offers SAT and ACT vocabulary and math quizzes. Become a member and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words.Take daily practice math quizzes on over 1000 questions.  Log in to monitor your students' scores - including seeing which vocabulary words or math questions they missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want.  
Remember: One of our most clicked resources is the teacher tools page. You can access everything teachers need for the school year, including forms, planning, bulletin boards, and worksheets

Another popular section is our Grade Level Help. Click here for Pre-K - 8th grade level help  and here for 7th - 12th grade resources. Find Skill Builders  interactive sites for Language Arts and Math.  
  Common Core State Standards

Check out our Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Each Grade Level is full of resources for every individual standard. Students can take control of their own learning by clicking on the page with the standard number, and choosing their own resource to practice that skill. Click on your Grade Level to find English Language Arts Standard Resources and learning tools.

Also, check out our Common Core Math Standards. It's hard to find sites that have math standards examples that follow the specific criteria, but they're here. Click on your Grade Level to find Math Standard Resources and learning tools.


  Focus On:  Parent Resources
In addition to our teachers, parents can take advantage of our online resources as well.


Parents need help too. Not only can you browse all the teaching tools, but there's a Parent Zone as well so families can continue the education at home. Every student needs practice outside of the classroom.


Math and reading  seem to be the most challenging when it comes to homework. Check out our  math resources page for extensive help.  Reading tools develop those language arts skills.


Vocabulary and math quizzes are typically the dreaded end of the week activity. Give your kids more confidence with our online vocabulary and math quiz practice. The more they study the more comfortable they will feel, while increasing their knowledge for future ACT and SAT testing.


April is Autism Awareness Month. Learn about visual symbols and timetables that can aid in communication and find other parent resources on Autism.


Easter and Passover  fall around the same time this year. Find fun Easter projects and Easter brunch ideas. Learn the history behind Passover, including the holiday's traditional foods and customs.


Earth Day is April 22nd. Show your children why we celebrate Earth Day. Get them involved in recycling. Check out earth day projects you can do at home.


Be sure to check out I4C's collection of educational iPhone and iPad apps for you and your child.

Don't forget our Technology Tutorial section in case you need refresher courses in your computer skills.


Find ACT Test and SAT Test Resources to get your children ready for the ACT and SATs. I4C now offers SAT and ACT vocabulary and math quizzes. Become a member and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words and practice tests in math with over 1000 questions. As a parent, you can log in to monitor your children's scores - including seeing which words or math problems they missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want.

As always, if you don't see something of interest highlighted this month, we have the Parent Zone which is full of resources. You can find homework help, special needs resources, language tools, reading help, educational games and activities sorted by grade

        **             We Want Your Input            **

I4C already has Vocabulary Quizzes and Math Quizzes in our ACT/SAT Test Preparation Guide. 


We're looking for new ideas for quizzes and informational resources that you'd feel are useful to you and your students. Please email us and let us know what you could use to make your teaching experience better. 


Write to:

  Technology Tips

Tech Tip #1: Coronavirus Distance Learning & Virtual Teaching Tips
As if your job wasn't already stressful enough, having less than a week to prepare for indefinite long distance learning certainly adds another badge of honor on your hero cape. If you've been encouraged to develop plans for e-learning or your classes or already canceled, let's help load your ever-growing teacher toolbox with some ideas and tips. Learn more in the article found: HERE.

Tech Tip #2: Distance Learning Tips for Teachers
Teachers everywhere are transitioning to distance learning due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Many teachers started last week and many teachers are just coming off spring break and starting very soon. This article presents distance learning tips for teachers after a week in the trenches. Learn more by visiting: HERE.

Tech Tip #3: 20 Free Tech Tools for Online Teaching
If you're looking for intuitive, practical, and FREE ed tech tools for online teaching during this pandemic, this article contains 20 tried-and-true favorites. The article lists FREE and manageable websites, extensions, and apps that won't take you forever to learn and will work well for this kind of emergency remote learning situation. You can find out more: HERE. is an educational portal for teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students. Visitors come from around the world to find Internet resources for their educational needs. One can find resources ranging from lesson plans to worksheets, individual grade level resources to templates, and even interactive learning games.  We were very honored when one teacher called the site a "Walmart for Teachers". If you cannot find what you need for instruction on any topic, please email us and we will help you find resources to fit your needs.
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