Use this log to report completion of Internet Integration
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 Before starting the module, print this log.

Tell what the acronym URL stands for and state its function



Explain how to work back through a URL if a page is not found.


Give the names of all of the directories found in the URL task.



Explain how you could use the Back History to get around a page which tries to redirect you back to the page you are trying to leave?


Give two reasons for using the Refresh button.


List two things that should be removed from the toolbar, and give a reason for removing the buttons.


Add the text Size button to your toolbar. Then, if you wish, reset the toolbar to the way it was before you made your change(s). Were you successful? ______ Did you reset the toolbar? _______

Someone has reset the Home page on your browser. Explain how you could set it back to your favorite page,

Report how many of the ten quiz questions you got right on the first try. Note: there is no minimum score.



List two ways to add a bookmark to the Favorites list.


Use Links for K-12 Teachers, or Daily Dose of the Web to find a web page which you could use in a lesson plan. List the title of the page.



Use the search engine Vivísimo to locate a web page on a second topic which you could use in a lesson plan. List the title of the page.


Why should you tell your students the reason you selected the web page that your lesson will be built around? (Site Purpose)


Download a copy of the WebGuide template created in MS Word (.doc format). Print that document with no changes and include it with this log.



Report what difficulties, if any, that you experienced as you modified the WebGuide to write your Internet based lesson plan.



List the entire URL of a web page which you have selected to write a WebGuide for.


Modify the WebGuide using MS Word, writing a lesson around the web site you listed in #16 above. Save your lesson on a disk and submit it with this log. This counts as four entries on your log.

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