Use this log to report completion of Learning to Use Inspiration
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 Before starting the module, print this log.

List three things your students could do with Inspiration

Explain how to preview one of the animated symbols in an Inspiration library.

Describe what happens each time you hit the Return/Enter key while using Rapid Fire.

List three templates available in Inspiration. Include one that is not Language Arts.

Explain what you must do to begin typing in an oval that is not already selected.

Print a copy of your edited Language Arts-Vocabulary template. Make sure that it is different from the modified template available for download. Include this printed copy with this log when you request credit.

Explain how you know an Inspiration oval is selected.

Which square around an Inspiration oval is used to insert a comment?

Explain what a selected oval looks like after a comment has been added.

Explain how to move an Inspiration oval.

What file name does Inspiration suggest when you save an untitled document?

Explain how to change an Inspiration diagram to an outline.

Print, and include with this log sheet, your forms of water concept map in diagram form and in outline form.

What is the name of the small vertical window full of images for use on an Inspiration concept map?

Which arrow allows you to see a listing of all of the categories of images found in Inspiration?

Explain how a PC user can easily show or hide the small vertical window full of images.

Explain how to replace an Inspiration oval with a symbol.

Explain how to increase the size of an Inspiration oval.

Explain how to change the background color of an Inspiration oval.



.Print, and include with this log sheet, your modified forms of water concept map.

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Date of completion _____________________

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