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Known problems with Internet Explorer 6


Help for Internet Explorer 6

There are known issues for IE6. After clicking on a link, the page may appear blank with a blue-gray screen. There are usually a few characters such as an upside down question mark and some > signs on the page. Here are some suggestions for solving this issue.

How do I know what version of Internet Explorer I have?

At the top of your screen, click on the Help Menu. When the dialog box opens, click on the last link " About Internet Explorer"

A window similar to the one below will open. It will tell you what version of Internet Explore you have.


What do I do if I have IE Version 6

New versions of Internet Explorer are out and you can get a newer version of Internet Explorer loaded on your machine.

What if I am on a school machine and do not have permission to load anything on my machine.

Microsoft no longer supports that version of Internet Explorer. Ask the technology coordinator of your school to please update your machines in your classroom.

What if the technology coordinator cannot do it?

There is a work around. When the page come up with just a blue screen, go to the top of the browser and click on the GO button beside the green arrow..


Internet4Classrooms recommends the following browsers: Firefox, IE version 7 and above, Safari, Opera

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