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2nd Grade - Number and Operations

Number and Operation Standards

(Page last edited 12/30/2014)

To work on 2nd grade number and operations standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with plenty of internet resources for each of the learning standards on the right.
0206.2.1 Count to 1000 - Starting at any number, count by ones, twos, fives, tens, and hundreds up to 1000.
. 0206.2.2 Read and Write - Read and write numbers up to 1000 using numerals and up to 100 using words
0206.2.3 Number Line - Locate and interpret numbers on a number line.
0206.2.4 Place Value - Recognize that place-value notation represents the sums of multiples of powers of ten (e.g., 853 as 8 hundreds + 5 tens + 3 ones).
0206.2.5 Order Numbers - Compare and order multi-digit numbers up to 1000.
0206.2.6 Use Models - Use various models such as number lines, pictures, and base-ten blocks to illustrate addition and subtraction.
0206.2.7 Math Facts - Develop fluency at recalling basic addition facts and related subtraction facts.
0206.2.8 Add and Subtract - Use efficient procedures, and understand why they work, to solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit whole numbers (including those that require regrouping).
0206.2.9 Estimation - Apply appropriate methods to estimate and mentally calculate sums or differences with ones, tens, and hundreds.
0206.2.10 Add Three Numbers - Add three two-digit numbers.
0206.2.11 Using Models - Solve addition and subtraction problems in context using various representations.
0206.2.12 Skip Counting - Demonstrate skip counting on the number line and relate to repeated addition and multiplication.
0206.2.13 Multiplication - Relate patterns in skip counting to multiplication.
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