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Nonverbal Learning Disability

NLD - Parent Resources

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  1. Children's Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) Scale - Rating scale for parents to complete to see if their child may have NLD. Guidelines for scoring included.
  2. Defining NLD - Looks at the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and ways to help.
  3. Help a Child with NLD Succeed - 14 ways to use a child's strengths to compensate for weaknesses.
  4. NLD - From Hoagies' Gifted Education Page.
  5. NLD and Their Effect on Social Skills - Quick overview of a social skills-related condition similar to Asperger's.
  6. Parenting Tips - Tips for parents who have kids with NLD and how to help with poor social skills.
  7. Parents' Questions About NLD - Answers to parents common questions.
  8. Teaching Social Skills - Teaching social at home and in school to children with a NLD.
  9. Understanding NLD - Looks at the developmental processes and dysfunction of the right hemisphere.
  10. What is NLD? - Information on what to look for in a child that has NLD and helpful tips for parents.
  11. What to Look for - Characteristics that a person with NLD may exhibit.



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