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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Teaching Resources

Links verified 3/2/2023

  1. 20 Useful Apps for Kids with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
  2. Accommodating Dyslexia in the Classroom - Strategies and tips for teachers.
  3. Accommodations/Modifications - Alterations to make in the classroom to assist in teaching students with dyslexia.
  4. Apps for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities - Huge list of apps with many of them free.
  5. Assistive Technology for Dyslexic Students and Adults - A list of helpful weblinks and apps that are available for free or a low cost.
  6. Cognitive-Learning Styles for Dyslexic Students - Strategies to use for students with unique education challenges.
  7. Creating a Dyslexia-Friendly Classroom - Tips for teachers to help students with dyslexia.
  8. Dyslexia and Memory - Seven strategies to use to help students remember.
  9. Dyslexia and Reading Disorders - Factors, signs, effects, and how to assist students with dyslexia and reading disorders. [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  10. Dyslexia and Writing - Common difficulties children experience and different methods found to be helpful.
  11. Fun and Games - A list of free apps and online games that will help teach reading, spelling, and much more in a playful setting while providing beneficial practice for dealing with dyslexia.
  12. Helping Dyslexic Students Succeed - 'How-To-Article' on understanding dyslexia to help make a positive difference for a student.
  13. How Teachers Can Accommodate the Dyslexic Student - Strategies that can be implemented in the classroom for reading, writing, arithmetic, and understanding time.
  14. Math Games for Students with Dyslexia - Ideas to help teach math concepts to children with dyslexia.
  15. Teaching Strategies for Dyslexic Children - A variety of techniques to use in the classroom.
  16. Teaching Strategies for Dyslexia
  17. Teaching Students with Dyscalculia - Dyscalculia is a learning disability that causes individuals to have persistent difficulty learning and practicing mathematical concepts

Printable Worksheets/Activities


  1. 1,000 Printable Worksheets - Lots of free worksheets to use with students who have dyslexia. 
  2. Phonemic Activities - Printables and ideas for the classroom. .
  3. Printing Lessons - "Formal printing lessons are often missing in classrooms today and many dyslexic children can benefit from printing lessons."
  4. Reading Worksheets - Free reading worksheets for teaching reading decoding and fluency.



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