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 Before starting the module, print this log.

Excel opens with three worksheets in a workbook. They are names sheet 1, sheet 2 and sheet 3. Change the names of the three sheets to attendance, average, and projects. Explain how to do that.

Name at least two things that can be accomplished by right-clicking on the name of the sheet in the tab. (Yes Macintosh users, you too can right click.)

You want to fill information from one cell into several other cells. Describe what the cursor will look like if Excel is ready to fill.

You want to display the number 3.141593 (pi) as a number with only two decimal places. Explain how you would do that.

The number 3.14 in a cell does not represent pi (in this example) it represents the price of a piece of pie. What is a quick way to ask Excel to display the number as $3.14?

I typed "pumpkin pi" in a cell, accidentally leaving off the final "e." I know I can click back on the cell and retype the entire two words, but I just want to add the final e. Explain how to do it.

I typed the number 1 into a cell, made sure I had the auto fill cursor, and attempted to fill to the right, but all of the cells contained the number 1. Explain why, and how to get Excel to fill the numbers 1 ,2, 3 and 4 into the cells.

You have a set of numbers in a column and want to very quickly find out the total of those numbers. How do you do it?

You want cells A1, B1, C1, D1 and E1 to be displayed as a single cell that stretches across all five columns. Explain how to do that.

In three adjacent cells I entered "6 students," "10 students" and "4 students." Excel Auto Sum was not able to tell me that I had 20 students. Why not?

You have a column of 10 numbers and you want to find the sum. However, there is a gap in the numbers and Excel has only picked up the first three numbers in the range. Explain how to correct this to include all 10 numbers in the equation.

Other than the "Today" function, list four other Date and Time functions (equations) available in Excel.

You are ready to write your own equation in an Excel worksheet. What is the first thing that you do?

You have written your own equation and it is correct. List the two ways that you let Excel know that you want to have the equation accepted (officially entered into the cell).

Scenario: Bill took three tests scoring 90, 80, and 70. The average of his tests counts as one-fourth of Bill's grade. What number value has Bill achieved toward his term grade? (show your work or explain your reasoning)

You want to write an equation that will always make reference to the same cell (cell D14), regardless where you paste the equation. How will you write D14 in the equation?

You want to right-click on a cell in Excel but you are using a Macintosh computer. OK, OK, even if you are using a Windows/PC computer, pretend you are using a Mac. How do you make it right click in Excel?

Use the data given on the Excel survey page to produce a worksheet of favorite ice cream flavors. Print the worksheet and include it with this log. Save your work, you will need it for #19.

Use the data in your ice cream worksheet to produce a pie chart. Instructions for this procedure are given on the Create a Chart page. Print the chart and include it with this log.

Download the M & M Spreadsheet to your desktop. Open the document from inside Excel, do not double-click the icon. Print only the extended activities page and include that with your log.

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