Use this log to report completion of Introduction to Excel
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 Before starting the module, print this log.

When using Excel as a database for Mail Merge, where must the field names be entered?


Explain how to make Excel adjust column widths of several columns at the same time.



What must be done in order to see your Excel document as the data source for a Mail Merge form letter?



Print the Excel worksheet which contains the data for Mail Merge and attach it to this log.



Print at least one form letter from the Mail merge activity and attach it to this log.



Who told Tennessee trainers about how to make an Excel chart with pictures?



Make up a sample survey and enter the data in Excel. (You may copy the survey from the module). Print out the worksheet with your data and attach it to this log.



Explain how to change the picture you pasted on a column from one distorted image to several smaller pictures.



Use the Vivisimo column (yes, it's a link) to try a search. Look for: make an excel chart with pictures. How many documents did Vivisimo find?



Print a copy of your chart using pictures as either a column chart or a bar chart. Attach the chart to this log.



Explain which cursor to use for dragging a cell to another location (drag & drop).



Download the Fostering Literacy Using Excel worksheet.



Look at four sheets of the Fostering Literacy Using Excel worksheet; word wall, language, sequencing, and fill in. After trying the activities, open a new workbook and create a drag and drop activity of your own. Print the worksheet and include it with this log. This counts as three entries on your log.



Download the Trip Cost Estimate spreadsheet




Develop an idea for a single-use-spreadsheet. Use one of the three listed on the module, or develop your own. State the idea used here.



Following the phases outlined in the module, develop a single use spreadsheet based on your idea in #17. Submit your worksheet on a disk or as an attachment to an Email message. This counts as three entries on your log.

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