Use this log to report completion of Entry Level Computer Skills - Mac
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 Before starting the module, print this log.

Explain how to accomplish the process known as "click and drag," and list the two most common purposes of the procedure.

From page 31 on the mouse practice page, give the question and answer for Question B.

In Macintosh OS X, how do you know if a window is active or inactive?

What is the keyboard shortcut for shutting down your computer?

What was the complete greeting given to you at the end of the windows practice page?

Explain how to add an item to the dock, and how to remove an item from the dock.

Report the task assigned at the bottom of the page titled "Using the the Dock and other Desktop items."

Report your results on the calculator task.

Open TextEdit and report on the results of the calculator task in step 8. Type three lines; on line 1 type your name, on line 2 type "I am *.* dog years old", on line 3 type "It feels good to be so young again!" Print the document and include it with this log.

The first time you save, what is the name of the window that opens?

Explain the steps involved in saving an image from the Internet.

Give the official name of the key that many people call the "open apple" key.

Explain how to use the Up Arrow key to navigate to the beginning of the second line above your cursor.

Give the three words that the term URL stands for.

Give the names of all of the directories or folders found in the URL task.

Explain how to add a folder to your favorites list.

List a quick way to make a bookmark in Internet Explorer using a keyboard combination.

Explain the difference between searching and finding.

State one advantage of the Vivisimo search results page.

List one Kid-Safe search engine.

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